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It all starts with a proposal – doesn’t it?
Actually, a lot of my consultancy work is about going over a project and finding the catch. Because the conception of a product isn’t the whole story, it must also be feasible to manufacture!

Feasibility analysis

This is by far the most important phase because the life cycle of a product includes not only its construction but also the assessment of its impact on production and development costs.

Strategic consultancy

My contribution ranges from simple and functional design proposals to modifications of existing projects. I can propose solutions for the entire development phase or consult on each individual stage of the project.


Each design phase is meticulously researched and simulated. Mathematical modelling ensures that the product is industrially sound with no last-minute pitfalls.

Development startup

Prototyping assistance and consultancy in the manufacture of plastic moulds for both local and Asian markets.


From words to real accomplishments.
Here is my work

Plastics are my world; after many years of experience, I have mastered them very well, also when combined with other materials.
You can see some of my work in this section; for any additional information, please contact me, and I’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

A reality that needs no introduction
A reality that needs no introduction

These case studies concern a well-known industrial hygiene brand, a most valued collaboration with a market leader.

I engaged in

  • co-design work in support of the final design,
  • tooling and mould development.

In this case, the challenge was to understand the customer's needs and adapt my work to different types of products, some lines being intended for a high-volume manufacturing sector, others for a professional line.

The results were outstanding, as was my satisfaction in having established lasting professional and human relationships that further enhanced my professional development.

A range of inverters for oil wells
A range of inverters for oil wells

This project was a major challenge, with very high technical performance demands and the tightest delivery lead times. It all started with a design sketch and the request "we would like it like this but in four sizes!"

In just a few months, I worked on

  • precision design
  • reviews and requirement assessments in cooperation with the customer
  • precise and detailed prototyping to verify all the effective stages
  • development of tooling and moulds outsourced to Asian contractors
  • assistance and support up to the final stage with the first complete products manufactured

In a very short time, I enabled the customer to enter the market with a sound product.

Support to the technical office of a multinational company

For many years, I have been working with a multinational company based in the Padua area, with which I have shared many work experiences.

I have developed innumerable high-performance products by supporting the engineering department in its design endeavours. I proposed innovative solutions and, on occasion, even built the production moulds that were subsequently subcontracted to Asian vendors.

I very much appreciate that I must always maintain a high standard of service in order to retain their trust!

Not just plastics and high-end production
Not just plastics and high-end production

Yes, my core business is plastics, but the client I assisted in this reference is a dynamic company that has enjoyed outstanding market success thanks to its versatility.

Also this well-established and valuable partnership involves development work with the aim of identifying advanced technical solutions in a targeted design context.

In these case studies, I have worked with high-quality yet niche products, adopting a tailored strategy as a function of the target market.

I manage all stages of mould development
I manage all stages of mould development

My experience started on the factory floor, where I managed all stages of mould development, from machine tooling to design.

Today, I draw on the experience gained in those early years to develop moulds for my own projects or those of others.

My strength is strategic consultancy, i.e. working alongside the customer when it comes to choosing where to produce the moulds (whether in China or Europe) depending on the market, type of product, lead times and so forth.

Sectors in which I operate

I specialise in the study and development of products for mass production. I am very knowledgeable in plastics, and with my extensive experience, I can handle the development of any type of object and the use of any type of material.

  • The metalworking and mechanical engineering sector
  • Residential and industrial furnishings
  • Electronics
  • ... and several others!

I have completed several projects that I cannot discuss. They concern, for example, the automotive and medical sectors: as you can see, I cover a lot of ground!

Industrial design, consultancy and mould development

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Hi, I’m Nicola Corrò, and I work in product design and development. To sum up my professional profile in a few words, I could say that I have accumulated considerable industrial design expertise thanks to a broad spectrum of skills acquired in more than twenty years of professional engagement.

It all started with my first jobs in various production facilities where I experienced first-hand the difficulties of the various work phases, and then continued with Nyss Sas, a small design firm that, for almost twenty years, has been supporting small and large companies in the development of their products or as a support to their technical departments. Many have been the achievements and I have enjoyed many satisfactions.

Today, Nyss is identified with Nicola Corrò, a highly capable professional who brings his 20 years of experience to clients engaged in product engineering projects, from first concept to implementation, supporting multiple professional roles with expertise and professional integrity.

Would you like to develop a product but don’t know where to start?
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